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My ambition continues to outweigh my talent, or why it’s been quiet around here

As we get into 2018 it is time to post about why I haven’t posted here for around three months.

577608_277443195671620_1072439375_nIn October 2017, together with Thailand’s motorcycle racing impresario, Kraitos Wongsawan, it was agreed to re-launch Wroommm!!, which first hit people’s doormats as an independent black and white tabloid in 2011.

Time moves on and technology moves ever faster, so Wroommm!! is now a digital motorsports platform featuring videos and live streaming as well as its trademark punchy articles and images. It remains dual language – Thai and English – though there are no translated articles, because we believe that style cannot be effectively translated and respect the quality and integrity of the work of our contributors. Editorial independence also remains a core value, which makes attracting financial support more challenging, but we believe will lead to true and lasting partnerships with sponsors that buy into our bold approach.

I immediately committed to moving my new content from this treasured 10 year old WordPress blog and again became ‘Editor at Large’ for Wroommm!!

These are exciting times for motorcycle racing in Thailand. The Kingdom has more riders than ever competing in and winning international races. They are coming through a well developed series of national classes and from rider development programmes being run by Honda and Yamaha. This work rarely reaches the headlines, but is by far the most important sector of the sport in any country.

Chip NakarinWhat has grabbed headlines is Thailand joining the MotoGP world championship from this year. This is nothing like Formula 1 rounds in several countries that come and go within a few days, leaving nothing behind for aspiring athletes in the host country. Over the last decade Thailand has had riders in the Grand Prix World Championships, mostly in the intermediate Moto2 category, so it holds huge interest for fans. Currently centre stage is Nakarin Atiratphuvapat, who completed a successful first season in 2017 as one of the most exciting newcomers and who can be expected to reach podium finishing positions during 2018.

MotoGP is also throwing a high-powered spotlight on Chang International Circuit in Buriram. The track has already hosted World Superbikes for the last three seasons, but the ‘Big Show’ will present infrastructural and logistical challenges that have not been experienced before in Thailand.

20525708_1388607781221817_4917047447678895878_nOf course, challenge and opportunity travel together and Wroommm!! finds itself in a unique position as the only credible English language media vehicle for motorcycle racing that is based in Thailand. As growing numbers of international visitors search for information about the sport in Thailand, we intend that Wroommm!! will provide insight that literally no other website or publication on the planet can compete with.

In other words,  Yeahhh!! Our ambition outweighs our talent …

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